An iTunes gift card is the official gift card of technology giants Apple inc. The iTunes gift card was specially designed to make prepaid payments. The iTunes gift card is widely accepted and can also be used to purchase digital services from Apple. Apple offers digital services on the iTunes store and on the App Store. There are a lot of things that require in-app purchases or payment before you can access them. Apple Music, podcasts, and Apple Tv just to mention a few. The iTunes gift card is available in physical and e-cards. It is also interesting to note that Apple has three variants of the gift card, apple store gift card, iTunes gift card and the Apple gift card. Depending on which card you purchase will determine if you can use the card to purchase devices and accessories or just digital assets from the App and media store.

How To Check iTunes Gift Card Balance?

You can either check your iTunes gift card balance online or redeem it to your apple account and be able to check you balance directly from any device you have your Apple ID logged on to.

Check your balance on your Windows PC

·        Open iTunes on your windows PC

·        Sign in to your Apple account with your Apple ID.

·        At the top of the iTunes window , you would find the store icon, Click on it.

·        If you have a balance, your balance would appear below your name.

·        If you cannot find a balance below your name, then you currently do not have a balance and need to redeem an iTunes gift card to be able to view balance.

Check your balance on you Mac

·        Open your App store

·        Confirm that you are signed in

·        If you are not signed in, proceed to sign in with your Apple ID credentials

·        Check the bottom left corner of your screen , you would find your balance below your name

·        If you cannot see a balance , then your account is considered empty.

Check your balance on you iPhone or iPad

·        Open your App store application

·        Confirm that you are signed in

·        If you are not signed in, proceed to sign in with your Apple ID credentials

·        Upon successful sign in, Tap on your photo or Initials at the top of the screen

·        Your balance would appear

·        If you cannot see a balance, then your account is considered empty.

Check your balance online

·        Go to apple gift card balance website for your country. in the US: and in Canada:

·        Sign in with your Apple ID

·        Enter your gift card information to check the balance

·        Click on check balance to complete this process.

It is pretty easy to check your gift card balance through the various methods highlighted above. If you need a reliable and secure platform to convert your gift card to cash after checking your balance, TACIT EXCHANGE is a leading platform in trading gift cards and you are getting the best rates and instant payment.


Tacit Exchange has made it very easy and seamless to trade your iTunes gift card through their platform and receive cash in your local bank account swiftly. The processes involved in completing this transaction are:

·        Create an account on tacit exchange web application i.e. You only need to input your basic details which include your name, your email address, your phone number and a password to protect your account details and credentials.

·        Activate your account by confirmation through the link sent to your email address which you have registered with

·        You proceed to login with your details and be directed to your dashboard specially curated to suit your user experience both on desktop and mobile devices.

·        Add your local bank account details and ensure that it is correct before confirming it. This is where your cash will be sent to. Ensure that there is no error in your account details

·        Proceed to initiate a trade by clicking on the “Trade Cards” button. This is where you select which card you intend to trade and for this specific scenario, you are going to be selecting iTunes.

·        Add the amount of your gift card and the necessary details requested to confirm and validate authenticity of your gift cards.

·        Your gift card is successfully confirmed and your payment is processed within few minutes

·        You will receive your cash in your local bank which you have added shortly

Tacit Exchange is fast and reliable. Payments are instant, we operate a 24/7 customer service outlet and your details are safe and secure in our care. We also pose the leading trade rates in West Africa

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