Where to trade gift cards for high rates

Where to trade gift cards for high rates

trade gift cards for high rates: It is always a challenge to sell gift cards over time. Many people complain about poor customer service, slow verification, payment processes, and illegal platforms. Unfortunately, many of today’s websites are fraudulent and interested in defrauding unsuspecting people.

The users of the web often place themselves in disadvantageous positions in addition to the fraudulent elements. There are three potential pitfalls with selling gift cards:


  • Taking low offers

Usually, you will receive a small cash payment for your gift cards. However, there is a strong likelihood that these payouts will be less than the card is worth. For this reason, many sellers accept a lower payout. When the offer is meager, redeeming the card is better than selling it. Do not become complacent, however, if the payouts are low. You mustn’t sell your card if you find yourself in a similar situation.


  • Being unable to find anyone better.

Many platforms now allow you to sell and redeem gift cards for cash online. Hence, you might want to look at another if one hasn’t paid out enough. However, once they do not meet your expectations, you should move on to the next one. There are several options available to you. You can use these options to find a platform that offers a better deal for your gift cards instead of accepting any bad offer.


  • Just doing it once

The money you make from selling a few gift cards won’t be much. If you want your side income to feel substantial, you will need to sell more gift cards. To get the bigger sum, you will need to sell more gift cards. There are so many gift cards scattered around your house that you need to sell them. This is where gift card flipping comes in. Flipping these cards can lead to large profits – buying low and selling high.


Selling your gift card can be a bit overwhelming, as there are a lot of instructions and possibilities to consider. Several people may be discouraged from simply looking for multiple buyers to get the best deal. We offer a solution for that – Tacit Exchange. Tacit Exchange is the place to sell gift cards in Nigeria if you’re looking for a place.


Tacit Exchange focuses on speed, ease, and satisfaction compared to its competitors. Its continuous drive distinguishes it for excellence and ease of transaction completion.

Furthermore, Tacit Exchange has the best gift card rates in Nigeria, making it one of the best companies in this field. As you can see on its website, the company has gone to great lengths to create a secure and transparent system. A stylish user interface, an in-built rate calculator, and a fast-loading website are just a few ways Tacit Exchange ensures customer satisfaction.

The cutting edge of Tacit Exchange can be found in its services and the user experience on its website.

We have conducted numerous studies on the significant issues associated with gift card trading throughout our history. Furthermore, our experience has shown us that customers value trading at the best rate in the market and the ease of its execution. Tacit Exchange has developed a rate estimator continuously updated with Chinese rates based on this information. Due to the Chinese rates used by Tacit Exchange, you get the best exchange rates in the country.

trade gift cards for high rates

 trade gift cards for high rates

Understanding how things work has been the key to our market growth. Therefore, our team members do not only understand the needs of our clients but can develop strategies to meet those needs by putting themselves in their shoes. Our system enables us to work with each client individually by understanding their user behavior. By asking them what they need, we will better understand what problem they are trying to solve. Then we can tailor our solutions to meet their needs.


A deliberate commitment to brand loyalty and client service has made Tacit Exchange the best gift card company in Nigeria. We have become Nigeria’s top gift card company by using incentives and understanding human behavior. Our commitment to exceptional customer service is always our top priority.





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