How to trade Walmart visa gift card for Naira

How to trade Walmart visa gift card for Naira

trade Walmart visa gift card for Naira: Before discussing the intricacies of the Walmart gift and how to trade it for Naira, it is important to understand what gift cards are. Gift cards are prepaid cards used as payment methods in physical and online stores.

There has been a shift in the conventional transaction model we are used to, and this is due to technological advancement. With continuous, progressive advancement, there has been a need to shift from the conventional model of paying with cash to making more effective and comfortable modes of payment. This brought about the use of credit and debit cards.

As the years go by, there have been further modifications to this model as people sought out a way to make transactions, and gift items and, at the same time, make payments online without directly using their credit cards. This brought about the use of gift cards.

Gift cards allow consumers to purchase goods and services online without dealing with cumbersome payments or shipping costs. In addition, they provide a platform for lots of flexibility in payments and giftings. Because of this, they are a good choice for those looking for something unique while keeping within a budget.

With this basic understanding of gift cards, we can proceed to what Walmart gift cards are. As the use and popularity of gift cards grow, several companies and enterprises have taken this advantage and integrated it into their mode of transaction. Examples of these companies include Walmart, Apple, Nordstrom, steam, etc.

The Walmart gift card is a pre-purchased credit card that can be used instead of credit cards at Walmart stores. The card consists of a specific amount of money that can be used to make purchases of various types.

Nothing is more convenient for giving and receiving gifts than Walmart gift cards. This is because it can be used to purchase any item at any Walmart store. It is available in several denominations up to $500. It is also available as a physical card and as a digital card. This means you can purchase it physically at any Walmart store and on the Walmart official website.


What makes Walmart gift cards special – trade Walmart visa gift card for Naira

trade Walmart visa gift card for Naira

Several features make Walmart gift cards a good bargain in the market today. Some of these features include:

  • They have no transaction fees, expiration fees, and other additional taxes. This makes them very convenient to use and very flexible too.
  • They are available in multiple denominations. There are several Walmart gift cards available such as $10, $25, $50, and $100, depending on the consumer’s needs or budget.
  • It is easy to order for them online. As said earlier, Walmart is available as a physical card and as a digital card. This creates an opportunity to order it from the comfort of your home. Thus, saving time and money.


How to trade Walmart visa gift card for Naira

There are times when you will need to exchange Walmart gift cards for cash, Naira. It might be the card has been around for a while, and you don’t need it to redeem a product on Walmart; then, you can convert it to Naira and use it for something. On the other hand, it can be that you just received a Walmart gift card as a gift, and you need to exchange it for Naira. Whatever the reason it may be, there is a way you can trade your Walmart gift card for Naira, and that is through online vendors.

A quick google search for online vendors of gift cards in Nigeria will show you a large pool of vendors, each promising fast payment and transaction speed. However, a review on these platforms will show that these claims are false. So, to save you from the hassle of going through such an experience, here is a premium recommendation – Tacit Exchange. 


Tacit Exchange is an online vendor platform that helps process gift card exchange payments. It has demonstrated its versatility and candor in a track record of fast transaction speed and payments. At Tacit Exchange, there is a high level of transparency and amazing rates. The rates are continually updated, so they are on par with the global transaction rate. Also, the web platform has a welcoming UI/UX design that allows easy navigation across the platform.


How to trade Walmart gift card on Tacit Exchange

  • Register on the Tacit exchange platform and create an account. Follow this link to get started.


  • Upon registering, you’ll gain access your dashboard directly. This is where you can see details about your account. The trade button can be found in the bottom right corner of your dashboard.


  • The rate calculator will appear after you click “trade.” Please choose “Walmart” as the name of the gift card and the category of Walmart gift card you have. After filling in all the necessary information, click “Start trade.”


  • You will then have to complete the remaining steps to finish the trade after clicking “Start trade.”


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