The Best Platform To Pay Utility Bills

The Best Platform To Pay Utility Bills

The Best Platform To Pay Utility Bills: Utility bills are recurrent expenditures incurred by most households and individuals, from electricity bills, Cable TV subscriptions, Airtime and Data subscription and so on. There are different platforms you can pay your utility bills from, most commercial banks offer this service through their mobile app or website, platforms like is set up primarily to cater for this type of consumers’ needs – can be used to pay electricity bills, there are quite a handful of platforms you can pay your bills on.


Tacitexchange is an exchange platform that trades gift cards for money. There is a feature on our platform that allows customers to pay utility bills directly from their wallets. Simply put, when you exchange your gift cards on Tacit exchange, you can use the funds in your wallets to pay for airtime, data, electricity and TV subscription. We have moved a step further from just making funds available for gift cards traders to make a direct connection of customers’ accounts to utility payment services. 


Gift cards you can use to pay for your utility bills – The Best Platform To Pay Utility Bills

The Best Platform To Pay Utility Bills

The Best Platform To Pay Utility Bills

Tacit exchange is one of the best gift cards exchange platforms in Nigeria, the dedication to making sure customers are satisfied has played a huge role in the success of the business so far. Tacit exchange focus on fast payment, secured service and a top-notch customer care service to make sure customers get the highest satisfaction at all time. You can seamlessly exchange gift cards like Amazon, American Express (AMEX), Apple store, eBay, Footlocker, Google Play, iTunes, Mercy’s, Nike, Nordstrom, Sephora, Steam wallet, Target Visa, Vanilla, Walmart and Walmart Visa

You can trade any of these gift cards, receive payment instantly on your Tacit exchange wallet and use your wallet to pay for any of your utility bills within the platform.


Why Choose Tacit Exchange


Choosing the best platform to exchange gift cards can be difficult most times, this is likely due to the number of vendors in the market offering different forms of exchange services. However Tacit exchange has proven to be the best of them over the years. Here are few factors that distinguish Tacit exchange from other platforms;


  • You can easily exchange your gift cards within a few clicks on the website, this is thanks to the amazing user interaction design fused into the website. This can be noted in the gift card rate calculator embedded on the website to make prospective customers know the value they will be getting for their gift cards before going into trade.
  • The exchange rate is relatively high compared to other vendors. Profit is assured when you sell your gift card to Tacit exchange.
  • Payments for gift cards are processed within the least amount of time possible. Although time varies depending on the type of gift card you are exchanging, be rest assured that your payment will be processed with speed and the estimated payment time will be provided.
  • The ability to use funds to pay for utility bills on the platform. As stated earlier, customers can now use the funds in their wallets to pay utility bills directly from the website.


What are gift cards


Gift cards are prepaid debit card that contains a specific amount of money that can be used for varieties of purchases. In a simplified term, a gift card is a debit card with preloaded funds that can be spent later in the future.


Gift cards can be generally categorised into two; open-loop and closed-loop gift cards. Both can either be physical or digital cards i.e they can either be used online or in stores.

The difference between these two cards is that open-loop cards can be used almost anywhere that gift cards are accepted while close-loop can be used only at the issuing merchant, all this is from the consumers’ perspective.


Closed-loop gift cards are also referred to as store cards because they can only be used(activated, redeemed, supported) at the issuing Marchant or store. Amazon gift cards and Starbucks gift cards are examples of closed-loop gift cards because they can only be redeemed at their respective issuing merchant. 


Open-loop gift cards can be redeemed almost anywhere because they run on various credit card systems. Visa gift cards, for example, can be redeemed in stores, online or via telephone, wherever Visa is accepted. An open-loop gift card can also be referred to as a Cash card because it is accepted anywhere a debit card is allowed, it is like carrying cash around just happen to be in a digital format.

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