REDEEM EBAY GIFT CARDS FOR NAIRA: Many know only a little about what a gift card is and how it works. A gift card is a prepaid stored-value money card for future expenses and most often given by a bank or a retailer and can be used to purchase things or used in exchange in a particular site or store.

There are majorly two types of cards, namely physical gift cards and digital or e-gift cards. The physical gift cards can be used in a particular store or the Internet, while the digital gift card is only used online. Moreover, cards can be added to mobile wallets (a virtual wallet that has your card information stored on a mobile device, e.g. your phone), making your purchase simpler and safer. Also, it’s of importance to check your card for the expiry date so as not to waste the usage of the card.

Gift cards are helpful in exchange for when you want to get a friend a gift. It’s even commonly used these days for birthday gifts, and since it’s digitally present, it can be done with a simple exchange via the Internet.



How does it work?

Gift cards can be either closed-loop or open loop. An open-loop card can be used in any country or city where a particular brand is accepted, while a closed-loop can only be used by specific merchants in specific places.

The digital gift card has a unique gift code number that can be redeemed at any online retailer, while the physical cards remain the most used of all the gift cards since they can be exchanged both physically through a store or online through a platform.

Many companies allow users to buy these cards and load them online such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay and many more. So gift cards come in handy as an exchange payment if you don’t want to use your credit card. It can also help to economise the way of spending with straightforward and convenient means of use.

eBay gift cards

eBay cards are issued by eBay incorporation, a multinational and multi-billionaire e-commerce company located in San Jose, California. This e-commerce store encourages consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through this website store.

So, it’s a means by which people can trade their goods and get Consumers to buy their products. The owner, Pierre Omidyar 1995, created the website and is now in operation in about 32 countries as of 2019.

With time, eBay issued eBay gift cards to people to boost their website usage and can be used easily to purchase goods on this website since it’s majorly for products and services rendered, so it suits this purpose precisely. So basically, gifting a friend or anyone special with these gift cards during birthdays or anniversaries is a sage thing to do since it can be used to purchase whatever they want on eBay’s website.

The eBay gift cards can be redeemed on the eBay website by logging in to your eBay account, entering the redemption code in the gift card, coupons, and eBay bucks. The remaining balance will be shown for your next purchase on eBay, and it’s essential to know it can take about 4 hours for your eBay gift card to be activated.

But this article is about how to exchange eBay gift cards for naira. It’s commonly known that many of the populace in this country don’t purchase goods with gift cards, and not everyone who owns or was gifted an eBay gift card wants to use it to purchase on the website but might instead be in dire need of cash.

This brings us to the question, how do you sell your eBay gift cards for cash and more importantly, how do you exchange your eBay gift cards for naira in Nigeria? Which website is the best place to sell your gift cards in Nigeria? We will soon get to know about this as we continue with this article.

There are various websites with which we can exchange our gift cards for Naira. Still, there’s a particular one that exempts itself exceptionally because of its easy interface usage and prompt payment as soon as possible. And this platform is

Exchange eBay giftcards for naira

With a few stages and steps, you can get to know how to sell your eBay gift card with the tacit exchange and even make it more sophisticated; other gift cards can also be exchanged on this platforms for Naira such as Nike, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Walmart gift cards and many more.

Here are the steps involved to exchange your gift cards on this platform:

  1. Register an account: you need to sign up with your name, email, address, phone number and password to protect your account. You receive an instant verification mail at your email address to confirm your registration. Then login directly into your dashboard, where you can start a trade
  2. Add bank account: on your dashboard, click on account details and add account. You can’t place any trade if bank details are not added, and this is done to deposit the money into your account swiftly. When done, kindly ensure correct bank details are added.
  3. Initiate a trade: click on the trade cards button on your dashboard to start a trade. Select the brand of card you want to sell in the category. The subcategory option is for you to be more specific with your type of card. Enter the total amount of the gift card you want to trade. Once submitted, verification takes a few minutes or more, depending on the type of card you are selling.
  4. Receive your cash: on clicking the submit trade button, the terms of trade will be displayed before you proceed. You must read this to ensure that what you are trading is correct, as the transaction will be rejected if it doesn’t go in line with the terms. Once approved, your payment will be processed and your account credited

Tacit exchange is the best platform for you to exchange your gift card for cash in Nigeria. Start trading today and enjoy gift card trading with great ease.


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