How to trade on TacitExchange

How to trade on TacitExchange

Trading gift cards do not require any technical knowledge. However, choosing a good trading platform makes selling and buying gift cards even much easier. Tacit exchange provides you with the best rates and even an easy-to-use platform. On our website, you enjoy the best user experience with little or no experience in trading.

Here is 4 simple step on how to trade on Tacit Exchange

Step 1 ) Visit Tacit Exchange

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Step 2) Register / Login; For new users, click on the register button and provide necessary details to get started (Email, name, password, phone number, first name, and last name)

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Step 3) Trade your card; after registering, click on “trade card” on your dashboard.

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Select the gift card you want to trade, the category, the amount, and the picture of the card you want to trade. Click on start trade. The terms and conditions of the card you want to trade will pop up. Click on continue trade. Your trade will be processed immediately.

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For example, if you are selecting an Amazon gift card, there are different categories like Germany Amazon(cash receipt), UK Amazon cash receipt, USA Amazon (25-49), USA Amazon cash receipt (500), etc. Input the amount of the card in USD and upload the card image.

Note: Read through the terms of trade for the card you want to sell before you click continue to have better knowledge.

Step 4) Add Account; On your dashboard, click on add account. Select your bank, account number, and account name. Once your trade is confirmed, your funds will be credited directly to the account provided.

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At Tacit exchange, we offer a wide range of trade. Here are some of the cards we accept.

  • Amazon Gift card
  • Sephora Gift card
  • American Express Gift card
  • Apple Store Gift card
  • eBay Gift card
  • Footlocker Gift Card
  • Google play Gift Card
  • iTunes Gift card
  • Nike Gift Card
  • Nordstrom Gift Card
  • Steam Wallet
  • Vanilla Gift Card
  • Visa Gift card
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • Target Visa etc



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