How To Pay Bills With Gift Cards In Nigeria

How To Pay Bills With Gift Cards In Nigeria

Pay Bills With Gift Cards In Nigeria: When it comes to performing transactions online people mostly look out for convenience associated with the process. Time is of essence to people – nobody wants to waste time and effort performing a transaction that can be easily implemented on another platform seamlessly.


Trade AMEX Gift Card For Cash: Tacit Exchange is an excellent gift cards exchange platform that breaks down the bureaucratic process that makes the transaction time of selling gift cards long. Trading your gift cards with Tacit exchange is fast and secure.

Tacit exchange has recently rolled out an upgrade where customers can now use funds in their wallets to directly pay for utility bills like Airtime, Data, Electricity bills and Tv cable bills. 


Here are some steps to get started:


  1. Visit the website; and log in with your account details or create an account with us if you don’t have one.
  2. Set up your account by providing a valid name, phone number and email address. Make sure to use a strong password so your account won’t be compromised.
  3. Add your bank details to your wallet. Setting up your wallet is important so you can either withdraw your money to your account or use it to pay utility bills.
  4. Sell your gift cards. You can do this through the homepage or your account dashboard. Select the type of gift card you want to trade and the amount, the corresponding naira value will be provided by our rate calculator, so you can know what you are getting for your gift card before going into the trade.
  5. You can make payments and pay bills from your wallet with Tacit exchange. You can pay for Airtime, Data, Electricity bills and Tv Cable bills. 


To pay bills with gift cards in Nigeria, Tacit Exchange is your go-to shop for getting this done. Simply sell your gift cards and use the funds from your wallet to pay utility bills. All these functions are available on your account dashboard that will be provided to you after creating an account.

Pay Bills With Gift Cards In Nigeria

Pay Bills With Gift Cards In Nigeria

Why Choose Tacit Exchange


Tacit Exchange is an online platform that allows you to sell any unused, prepaid, and non-reloadable gift cards, such as an iTunes card, Walmart gift card, Sephora gift card, Netflix gift card, Apple store gift card and so on. You may sell your gift card through the website Depending on the type of gift card you are trading your transaction is completed swiftly in a maximum of 10 minutes, and your payment is guaranteed.


Furthermore, Tacit Exchange has the best gift card rates in Nigeria, making it one of the best platforms to sell your gift cards for the highest return possible. It is clearly stated on the website, that the company has put together a secure and transparent system. There is an in-built rate calculator on the website that provides you with the Naira value of any gift card you want to exchange, and a fast-loading website is just a few ways Tacit Exchange ensures customers are satisfied.


What are gift cards?

Gift cards are prepaid debit card that contains a specific amount of money that can be used for varieties of purchases. In a simplified term, a gift card is a debit card with preloaded funds that can be spent later in the future.


Pros of gift cards:

  • They can be a good substitute form of payment if you’d rather not pay cash or use a credit card.
  • Gift cards can be an appropriate gift for the holidays or any other special occasion.
  • Easy to use and understand
  • You can use gift cards to control spending (helpful for avoiding bank overdrafts).


Cons of gift cards:

  • After purchases are made with a gift card, there may be a small amount of money left, which if not used, whether due to forgetfulness or inertia, ends up as money wasted.
  • You may pay purchase or reload fees to add money.
  • Closed-loop cards limit purchasing power.
  • Losing a gift card or having it stolen can be a headache, especially if you have failed to register it or keep the gift card number.
  • You could be charged an inactivity fee if you fail to use your card.


According to a survey from the CNBC website, here are the 10 best gift cards:

  1. iTunes
  2. Starbucks
  3. Walmart
  4. Victoria’s Secret
  5. Target
  6. Amazon 
  7. Best Buy
  8. Chipotle
  9. Fandango
  10. Sephora


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