How to get free gift cards

How to get free gift cards

How to get free gift cards

Petty expenses like paying the water bill, buying groceries, doing the carpet work, removing the trash, and others are things you can do with a free gift card. Of course, everyone loves to get a free gift. However, with a free gift comes the inability to choose what you want. Most times, gift recipients would just have to receive whatever they are given regardless of how big, small, untimely, or insensitive it might be. However, gift cards give the recipient a say in the decision-making process of what gift is to be chosen.

Gift cards are the closest alternative to actual gifts or cash gifting. You might not want to work your head up on trying to get a gift that suits the person you are gifting and the occasion at hand. More so, gifting physical cash on occasions – whether naked or in an envelope, is not the best move on giving a gift because some people can feel insulted. Some amount of money does not just worth being gifted, but the gift or gift card equivalent is not so bad.

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We give and receive gifts for different reasons and different occasions like weddings, thanksgiving, family reunions, and birthdays. Besides these reasons, people can also get free gifts like gift cards for doing something or being a part of something. You can receive both digital and physical gift cards for free at stores and online platforms. Popular gift card issuers like Amazon, eBay, Sephora, and Starbucks gift out gift cards for various reasons on various platforms. Some ways to get free gift cards online include:

1. Participating in paid promotional surveys

One of the ways the big names gain their customer’s trust and earn their reputation is by conducting quality market research. Through market research, companies will be able to identify and analyze their customer’s perceptions concerning the products and services they provide. Online surveys are one of the few ways they achieve this goal.

Customers or random people who participate in filling these surveys online are rewarded by the company in cash or cash alternatives like discounts, coupon codes, and gift cards. Most retail stores reward their customers with gift cards to help improve their business sales as they learn how they can be better at what they do. Customers can provide companies with information on how they are doing, what they are doing wrong, and recommendations on ways they can do better.

Some credible sites to get surveys that pay with free gift cards are Survey Junkie, Prize Rebel, Swagbucks, Branded Surveys, Inboxdollar, YouGov, and MyPoints. Most of them award points that can later be converted to gift cards, and some give cards as soon as you finish up with a specified amount of questionnaire. If you will be considering this survey, you might want to be honest and true with whatever information you would be giving. The system is always programed to detect inconsistencies in the responses of the recipient. Once the system detects an inconsistency, the respondent will be immediately disqualified.

2. Shop with Apps that pay

Some apps give their customers rewards for patronage in form of points instead of discounts or free delivery. These apps include Rakuten, Honey, Mobee, TopCashback, Pei, BeFruggal, and ShopKick. Customers can redeem their points by converting them to gift card options available to them. You can browse other apps and sites that give free gift cards for regular purchases. Rewards are usually convertible to some of the popular gift cards like Sephora, Amazon, Visa, Starbucks, eBay, and Walmart.

You can also shop with CapitalOne online store to earn shopping credits that can be converted to eBay and Nordstrom gift cards. Ibotta also gives coupons to customers for buying groceries from their store. If you would like to save money on coupons, you might want to try out the Ibotta app. They also reward customers with Walmart gift cards instead of coupon discounts.

3. Surf the internet for gift card giveaways

Many companies need to boost the awareness of their website, app, and social media handles. One of the ways that they do this is by organizing strategic giveaways on their platforms. To do this, search for popular hashtags and keywords that are used for giveaways on social media. A few ones are #Freebies, #FreeGift, #FreeGiftCards, #Contest, #Freebie, #Competition, #GiftBonus, etc. You can look up any of these to check for reputable companies offering free gift cards on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

Usually, these companies make people do some tasks to earn rewards. For social media, people are usually required to follow their page, like a post, comment on it, and probably tag a friend. Some may add registering on their site and posting a screenshot of the task on their timeline. It is all for them to gain popularity and followership. After the task is done correctly with all terms met, the organizer will contact the winner to receive the reward.

4. Earn referral Bonuses

You can earn between $2 to $50 from referring a friend on different apps. Paypal gives up to $10 worth of gift cards for referring a friend. Other legit referral bonus apps that pay with gift cards include Swagbucks, Sam’s Club, T-mobile, Chase Bank, Rakuten, and Comcast Xfinity.

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