How To Check Walmart Gift Card Balance

How To Check Walmart Gift Card Balance

Check Walmart Gift Card Balance: A gift card is a prepaid debit card that contains a specific amount of money available for use for in-store purchases or online purchases. Store gift cards (i.e closed-loop gift cards) are designed to be used at specific merchants example of this is the Walmart gift card, while general-use gift cards (open-loop gift cards) are not affiliated with any specific vendor and you can also use them to withdraw money at automated teller machines (ATMs).


Walmart gift card

Walmart gift card is the official gift card of Walmart store, it is very very popular in the e-commerce economy of the world. Customers can use funds on the gift card to buy anything in-store or online at,; or selected Murphy USA Fuel Stations


Here are a few things to note about Walmart gift cards.

– They range in value from $10to $1000.

– Walmart Gift Cards may be used at any Walmart store or Sam’s Club in the U.S. or Puerto Rico

– They occur in both digital and physical forms.  

–Walmart Gift Cards never expire.

Check Walmart Gift Card Balance

Check Walmart Gift Card Balance

Do you have a Walmart gift card with an unknown balance? There are different ways of checking your Walmart gift card balance, and the methods depend on the factors involved. In this article, we will show you the steps in checking your Walmart gift card balance. However, the balance you see when viewing Walmart Gift Card balances is only an estimate. In most cases, the balance is revised immediately when you make a purchase in-store or online, but there may be events when the updated balance is delayed for a while.


  • If you have your Walmart plastic gift card linked to your Walmart account you can easily check your balance by logging into your Walmart account and checking it on your account dashboard. Note, that you can link more than one Walmart gift card to your Walmart account.
  • If you have not linked your gift card to your account, you can check by providing your card number and PIN(pin is at the back of the card, for the digital card PIN is in the confirmation email) on the Amazon website ( ). 
  • You can also call 1-888-537-5503 and provide your card details to receive your card balance.


How to trade your Walmart Gift Card for cash 

  1. Create an account:

You must create an account on Tacit exchange before you can trade or do other functions. Creating a personal account on the platform is easy as the user interface was modified to make it easy to navigate your way through the website. 


  1. Choose your gift card: 

On your account dashboard Click on Trades and then start trade, select the gift card you wish to trade and the amount. Drop-down menus will display the Walmart gift card categories. You can choose what kind of card you want to sell here. The value for your trade will be displayed by the rate calculator.  


  1. Go ahead with the transaction: 


Upon selecting the gift card, you wish to sell, you need to upload a clear image of your Walmart gift card or provide the e-code details if you are trading e-code. Once you have determined which gift card you want to trade, you must review its terms and conditions. You will receive the cash instantly after you click the “place order” button.


Why trade with Tacit Exchange?

Tacit Exchange is a legit vendor that deals with all kinds of gift cards ( iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, eBay card, google play card, steam wallet,  Sephora, Nordstorm and many more ). They are known for their prompt payment, high trade rate, reliability, and prompt customer service. Trade with Tacit exchange to enjoy a high-profit margin and confirmed security on your funds.


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