How much is a $100 Amazon gift card in Naira

How much is a $100 Amazon gift card in Naira

How much is a $100 Amazon gift card in Naira

Wondering how much your amazon gift card is worth in Naira, and how to exchange your amazon gift card for cash? Received an amazon gift card as a gift and wondering what it is for or how to convert it to cash? Look no further as I help you clear these worries.

Amazon gift card is one of the most popular and widely used gift cards globally. Amazon is a large eCommerce store that ships a variety of products to different countries. Amazon gift cards were mainly designed as a means of payment for these products on their eCommerce stores.

Amazon gift cards are also accepted in a lot of stores around the world. The price range of an amazon gift card is between $5 – $2000. There is also the option to check how much is left on a particular gift card after use.

There are different means of getting an Amazon gift card. You can purchase it directly on the official amazon site and could be gifted. The delivery of the gift cards is however divided into three. They are;

  • eGift
  • Mail
  • Print at home

Over time, there is the issue of getting cash back from amazon gift cards. Amazon gift cards are non-refundability. The only option available to get cashback is to sell to an interested party. The main issue resulting from this is getting the best rate to exchange as there is a reduction in the price it is bought.

The corresponding value of an amazon gift card is dependent on the means used in converting it to cash. It is becoming increasingly hard to find a fast, easy-to-use, reliable and trustworthy platform to exchange gift cards. Various individuals posing to be legit are fraudulent in the long run.

Exchanging your amazon gift card for cash on Tacit Exchange is easy, reliable, and fast. Tacit Exchange has taken several measures to ensure that your transactions are well sorted. The Gift card rate calculator available on the website helps you know how much your gift card is worth.

Amazon gift card

It is worthy to note that there are different categories of amazon gift cards, and the value of exchange differs per card. On Tacit Exchange, you have the option to exchange Germany Amazon (Cash Receipt), UK amazon cash receipt, UK Amazon Debit/Credit/Activation Receipt, and many more. For a $100 Germany Amazon (Cash Receipt) gift card, you get a whooping sum of N30,000.

All you need to do is visit the official website, register, and exchange your amazon gift cards. Here are the easy steps involved in registering;

  • Visit
  • Click on the Register icon: For a better and more efficient exchange best suited to your needs, there is the need for you to register on the platform. This registration involves you providing your email, phone number and creating a password.

After successfully signing up and registering, you can log in and start trading! The website is user-friendly and very effective. There is a transaction page where you can keep track of your transactions.

To initiate a trade, you will need to provide your account details. It allows instant crediting once your transaction has been confirmed.

Why you should trade with Tacit Exchange

  • Great Rates: We have your best interest at heart and understand that you are also looking to make a profit. Knowing all these, Tacit exchange trades your gift cards for you at a great rate. For example, you will get up to N25,000 for exchanging a $100 UK Amazon Cash Receipt gift card.
  • Quick Cash Payment: We live in a digital world where everything needs to be done with ease and swiftness. We guarantee this on tacit exchange. As soon as your transaction has been confirmed, the bank account you provide.
  • Always available: Time is not a limiting factor on Tacit exchange as you can exchange your amazon gift cards 24/7 on the website. There is also the option to directly send us a message through the ‘Contact Us’ option available on the website.

The customer centre is very responsive, apt, and friendly in helping you fix any issues you might face. The customer support centre is also available and accessible 24/7. Your transactions will be processed irrespective of the day and time of operation.

  • Absolute Security: Tacit Exchange puts the security of your account as a top priority. All your transactions and credentials are 100% safe with us. We are well aware that there are fraudsters looking to steal information and exploiting it.

To this effect, adequate measures, and countermeasures have been put in place by us to avoid such occurrences. Tacit Exchange prides itself on attaining your trust and serving you in the best way possible.

  • Good customer feedbacks: One thing that motivates people to patronize businesses are the testaments they hear. Good feedbacks are also a motivating factor to do better and know you are assisting one way or the other. With our customer feedbacks, we are assured that we can handle your transactions.

Tacit Exchange is also available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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