How Much is 100 USD eBay Gift Card in Naira

How Much is 100 USD eBay Gift Card in Naira

How Much is $100 eBay Gift Card in Naira

100 USD eBay Gift Card in Naira: eBay is a multinational e-commerce company that allows customer-to-customer sales (C2C) and business-to-customer sales (B2C). Buyers use the website for free, while sellers have to pay a fee for listing items. They also allow users to carry out auctions on their websites. Since its inception, eBay has become one of the success stories of the dot-com bubble of the 1990s.

They produce gift cards that serve as a cash alternative to allow users to buy items on their website. eBay allows the sale of other gift cards and gift certificates on its platform. However, our focus in this article is on the eBay gift card. The eBay gift cards are sold on the eBay website, Amazon, other e-commerce websites, and in physical stores.

eBay gift cards occur both in physical and digital forms. The prices available are $15, $25, $50, $75, $100 and $200.

The eBay gift cards are not redeemable for cash on the eBay website. They are used to purchase products from eBay only in countries where eBay has a presence. In Nigeria, eBay gift cards are redeemed for cash by different gift card traders.

100 USD eBay Gift Card in Naira

100 USD eBay Gift Card in Naira

What is the selling price of a $100 eBay gift card in Naira?

Note that there is a disparity between the buying price and the selling price of a gift card. The buying price is majorly dependent on the exchange rate between the Naira and the currency of the gift card. However, the price at which the exchanges buy gift cards from customers differs and is fixed by the exchanges.

For the different gift card exchanges in Nigeria, there are different rates at which they buy gift cards. It is based on the type of gift card, the category of the gift card, and the currency of the gift card. The number one factor that affects is the price from the official sources.

Tacit Exchange offers one of the most favourable rates users can get in the market. Many exchanges offer rates that cause customers to lose up to 50% of the original value of the card.

Tacit Exchange buys the $100 eBay gift card from their customers at a rate of N260/$1, which equates to N26000. Other exchanges offer rates for the eBay gift card that is considerably way less. In this article, we will consider “Why should you choose Tacit Exchange?”

Why Choose Tacit Exchange?

First of all, Tacit Exchange has a customer support system that enables users to make complaints and receive responses on the platform. From the home page, you can chat up with an online assistant. It will guide you as you engage the website. Considering the volatility of the nature of the transactions that occur on the website, Tacit Exchange tries to make its customers feel very comfortable using the platform.

Tacit Exchange offers exchange rates that trump most of the competing exchanges. There is an understanding that customers want to make profits when they sell their cards. You can check out the rates using the rate calculator.

Cybersecurity at its best, online financial transactions needs the best protection from sinister elements. The team ensures that the private information of users that are on their website is protected from prying eyes. There is a periodic upgrade of the system to protect it from hackers, and to ensure the security architecture is up-to-date.

For an online platform to be successful, it must score high concerning usability. Tacit Exchange does not leave out this detail during the development of the website. There is a concerted effort to ensuring the user experience meets up with user expectations. The team of developers understands that if an online platform is hard or complex to use, users are likely to abandon operations.

The website is made as simple as possible to use. There is no need to undergo any training.

If you want to sell your eBay gift card on Tacit Exchange, follow these steps.

Step 1: Visit Tacit Exchange

Step 2: From the homepage, click on Register

Step 3: Fill in the details and click Register

Step 4: After registering, it leads you back to the homepage where you click on the Login

Step 5: Click on Trade Cards

Step 6: Input the card details and click on start trade

Step 7: Wait for confirmation; when the card is confirmed, you will be credited instantly.



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