Why is my google play gift card saying invalid?

Why is my google play gift card saying invalid?

google play gift card saying invalid: The Google Play Gift card can be redeemed for offers in the Google Play Store as a virtual gift voucher or e-code. You can use it to buy apps and other services from the Play store app. You can also purchase books through Google Play Books and rent music from Google Music (now YouTube Music).

Like any gift card, Google Play Gift cards can display invalid codes when redeemed through retail platforms. However, even when the gift card shows invalid messages, it is not a reason to worry, as you can still use it. There are several reasons why the platform will display “invalid code”, such as typing the keystroke incorrectly. In addition, there are minor concerns, such as the Play store balance limit.

Why is google play gift card saying invalid


Once you see the invalid error code, be sure to know that there has been a violation of some rules governing the validation of google gift cards. The validation codes can also be checked to see if there are any errors.

If your google play gift card is not working, here are three things you can try to resolve the issue. They are:


  1. Double-check the value of the Code Value to ensure it is within the Play Store’s allowance limits

There are certain conditions by which the google play gift cards can be redeemed on the Google Play platform. One such rule states that the available balance of a gift card cannot exceed that of the Google Play Store allowance limits. If that is the case, the gift card cannot be redeemed. In addition, you can also only accumulate a certain amount of money on your Google account through its play store. Last but not least, your card has also been restricted to the amount of money that can be redeemed at a given time.

It is possible to circumvent this gift card error by using a small amount of your Google Play account balance. Once the space becomes available, the Google Play gift card will be redeemed.


  1. Be sure that the code is valid.


Whenever you encounter an error message, you should first check the Google Play e-gift card code. After that, you might want to check your code entry for accuracy.

Physical Google gift cards, on the other hand, differ from this. Gift cards from Google are hybrid cards; they exist both in digital and physical forms. The Google Play physical gift card, for instance, can only be purchased at Google’s office globally. Thus, physical gift cards cannot be redeemed the same as e-codes. Upon validation of your payment, physical codes are redeemed. In other words, physical cards can’t be remotely activated by Google.

You will need to redeem gift cards via the Google Play Store application for gift cards sent by mail. If you get an invalid error message after entering your codes, you should make sure you didn’t make any mistakes.

Contact your online retailer about the invalid Google Play e-gift card you purchased. This can also help solve the issue. There have been instances where the gift cards sent were expired or had already been redeemed by another user.


  1. Ensure that you are logged into the right account


It is a common mistake for people to try to redeem a Google Play gift card using a different account from the one they used to purchase the gift card. When this mistake occurs, the Google Play platform will flag it as invalid code.

Your gift card will not be redeemed if you use another email address or account. Due to synchronization, the gift cards received by mail were all linked to the mail account.

Because of this, another mail account cannot be used to redeem it. Thus, you should check your mail after verifying that your codes have been correctly entered and your daily limits have not been exceeded.

Make sure the email address you use to purchase the gift card on Google Play is the same email you used to purchase the gift card. To verify this, follow these steps carefully:

  • Open your Google Play Store app on your mobile device.
  • Click on your image icon at the top right-hand corner of the home page. After clicking on this, you’ll see a list of things you can do on Google Play. Here, you will also see the account you are logged in to.



  • If it is not the email you used to purchase the gift card, click on the short arrow beside the mail. A list of the other available mails on your device will show, then you can select the mail you’d like to use to log in. Once this has been confirmed, you can try the redemption process again.


Even after checking these things and they still persist, you will need to contact the vendor you purchased it from or customer service.

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