How eCodes Work

How eCodes Work

E-codes and how they work

E-codes and how they work

eCodes are also known as digital gift cards, virtual gift cards, and eGift cards. They are a variant of gift cards that users can not physically feel, touch, use, or give. eCodes are a set of numbers that a gift card owner buys online and carries a particular money value as desired by the purchaser. In contrast to the physical plastic gift cards, they are only common to young people and are not bought or delivered to physical locations.

Users buy eCodes online and get them delivered to their emails and some through text messages. With eCodes, gift-giving has been a lot easier. It evades the time and cost of delivering physical gifts. Virtual codes can be forwarded to the recipient through email, text messages, or chat messengers. Holders can use codes both at physical stores and online platforms as specified by the issuer.

How does it work?

Physical gift cards have a card number that comes on them that is being checked whenever the holder needs to purchase stuff. This number is unique to every gift card and is useful even without physically holding the card for online transactions. Regular debit and credit cards also have this feature as you only need the card number, expiry date, CVV, and scarcely the phone number attached to the card to receive a one-time password to validate some transactions.

eCodes are like the numbers you have on regular physical cards, only that they are sent to the buyer’s email instead of being inscribed on a plastic card. They work just like physical gift cards and can be used to purchase stuff wherever physical cards are allowed. Most retail stores and banks that issue gift cards offer this amazing alternative that carries out the same function as regular gift cards. Some popular organizations that issue eCodes are Visa, Nordstrom, Nike, Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, Sephora, Steam, eBay, Xbox, and virtually all other multinationals.

To redeem the eCode, users can visit any website that is supported by the card issuer, input the code, get verification and transact it on the go (OTG). The fun part is that you do not have to worry about forgetting your card at home or work. You can have it looked up on your email, chatbox or even save it in a document to your drive. It is a safer way to transact digitally.

However, users should note that its usability is based on the merchant issuing the card, whether online or conventional. Some codes work both online and offline, while some works only on online stores and eCommerce websites. To use them at local stores, most codes require the holder to print out the receipt carrying the code from their email, so they can show it at the store.

If you want to send a gift card to a friend or family that stays far away, especially outside the country, eCodes are the best path to follow. You could insert your recipient’s name and email at purchase or receive it to your email and forward it to them. No stories of delayed delivery, swift transfer!

Benefits of eCodes

  1. Saves Time: eCodes help gift-givers save time on delivery and conventional purchase. You can buy and send digital gift cards anywhere and at anytime.
  2. Online activation:  In contrast to physical gift cards, most eCodes can be purchased and activated online. Physical gift cards may require the user to visit a local store to get activation with the cashier. Some are even ready to use immediately purchased.
  3.  Easy and economical to use and produce: Since it does not involve the use of Plastic, ink, and other physical consumables, issuers incur less cost on production. The codes are just an algorithm that is programmed to automatically generate, record, and save for different denominations of the gift cards purchased by the customer. They also do not contribute to environmental waste within society.
  4. Card misplacement is almost impossible: The process of recovering a lost gift card can be very tedious. With eCodes, the probability of losing your card is low since it is sent to your email address. You can even get to print it repeatedly as you wish.

Downsides of eCodes

  1. Easy to make a delivery mistake: When purchasing an eCode, you can mistakenly type in the wrong email address, and it gets sent to the wrong person or an invalid email. To avoid this, people should ensure they double-check when purchasing and follow up on the recipient when sending as a gift.
  2. Not the perfect fit for physical gifting: Some gifting requires the physical presence of the giver, and a digital gift does not fit in quite well in this case. What do you say? “Hey, I love you, and I already sent you an eCode as a token of my love to you?” Well, sending a Token as a Token of your love would be a dope rhyme, but an unbelievable one!! It could ruin all the fun in gift-giving, regardless of how much the code is worth.

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