Tacit Exchange; Best platform to trade Gift card in Nigeria

Tacit Exchange; Best platform to trade Gift card in Nigeria

Tacit Exchange; Best platform to trade your Gift card

best platform to trade gift card in nigeria

The best platform to trade gift card in Nigeria: Trading gift cards for cash has become popular because majority of the Gift cards available are not redeemable in African countries especially. They are of more use and value when you can walk into the Gift card issuer’s store and purchase what you need. That is why in this part of the world, gift cards are popularly traded for liquid cash.

According to Market watch, over $130 Billion is spent on Gift cards and over $1 Billion has been unspent. This is majorly for 2 reasons; Either the receiver does not have interest in the gift card. For example, if you gift a gamer a Sephora gift card, it can be useless to them because Sephora is mostly for ladies or they can’t redeem the gift card.

Best platform to trade gift card in Nigeria

Alternatively to redeeming gift cards from their issuer, you can readily convert them for cash. Due to high demands, several platforms trade gift cards for cash. At Tacit Exchange, we’ve patiently watched closely the flaws and slips of other platforms and constitute a bank of knowledge that we have put in place to make us one of the best platforms to exchange your gift cards for cash.

Trading gift cards for cash just got easier and simpler with Tacit Exchange. You can now sell all your gift cards with ease at amazing rates. We stand by our watchwords which are; Instant payment, trust & secure, and 24/7 service.


Features that make us stand out;

  • Instant Payment; One of the core pillars of a good trading platform is how quick payments are processed. Nobody wants to wait till forever before their funds reflect. At Tacit exchange, we understand this, that is why we work around the clock to provide you a 24/7 trade. Once you submit your gift card, your payment will be processed immediately. At Tacit exchange, we can boldly say we are one of the fastest gift card traders in town.
  • Trust and security; the steady advancement of technology has necessitated that extra security measures are taken when carrying out any activity online. There has been a sporadic increase in internet fraud. One has to be very careful and trade with a trusted platform to avoid been ripped off your gift cards. At Tacit exchange, we ensure that all necessary security firewalls are put in place to avoid exposing any of your personal information to scammers. Our platform has 100% security guaranteed.
  • 24/7 service; at Tacit exchange, you don’t have to wait for a particular time of the day to trade your gift card. We work around the clock to ensure optimum satisfaction. We are available 24/7 to carry out your trade and answer all your trade-related questions.
  • Best rates; everyone is in business to make profit. At Tacit exchange, we understand this, that is why we have put in all measure to ensure that you trade your gift cards at the best rates. Tacit exchange has its rates at par with the Chinese rate. You can check out the rate calculator to see the rates of your gift card.

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