Best gift card trading platform in 2022

Best gift card trading platform in 2022

Best gift card trading platform in 2022

Best gift card trading platform in 2022: Gift card trading in most parts of the world is with several constraints particular to the various exchange platforms there are. It is not news that there has been a serious influx of new trading platforms in the world of gift card trading. Some of the popular gift card trading platforms in Nigeria include Tacit exchange, cardnosh, Cardvest, Cardtonic, Gift card to naira, Paxful, and a lot more.

We are all used to the norm that everything or business that seems popular is the best in every way possible. Well, it is not wrong to say because the case is not different for gift card trading. After all, big names earned their reputation by offering quality services and being consistent with them over a long period. However good these platforms may seem, some things make them better than each other individually.

One thing about gift card trading is that you certainly can get to have all you want in one gift card trading platform. However, you should lookout for a few things when choosing your gift card trading platform. Some of these things are;

  • Availability of customer’s review onsite and offsite
  • Customer service responsiveness
  • Speed of gift card trading
  • Range of gift card acceptability
  • The extent of financial and information security
  • Ease of navigating through the site
  • Prompt information about gift card trading and new developments
  • Avenue to give feedback and recommendations

Different parties in gift card trading have their interest satisfied when the right trading platform is visited. It is more of a win-win relationship than a parasitic one – when you need the service, you get it properly and efficiently. For gift card traders, it is always about getting the best rates to exchange their gift cards and getting it done as quickly as possible. On the other hand, it is about offering traders the best gift card trading experience to improve patronage and customer referrals for the best trading platforms.

If you are finding it hard to determine your best option to trade gift cards in 2021 and beyond, you can check some of the astonishing features of the following top gift card trading platforms in Nigeria. When discussing the best gift card trading platforms, the early birds are not always the ones flying high. Recent gift card trading platforms have taken into consideration some of the lapses of the most popular ones, made corrections, and improved on their feedbacks. Here are some careful selections based on research and various customer experience to enable you to choose rightly when trading gift cards for Naira.

Best gift card trading platform in 2022


Best gift card trading platform in 2021

Tacit exchange

This platform is known for its excellent user experience and user interface with the acceptability of various gift cards for instant exchange to naira. Some of the gift cards they accept are iTunes, Nordstrom, Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, Nike, and a few others. With Tacit exchange, gift card trading becomes so easy and interesting. Have an Xbox gift card to sell today? Think Tacit exchange. They offer the best exchange at the best rates with 24/7 availability.


This is another gift card trading platform that can be trusted and happens to be one of the biggest in Nigeria. Cardvest is named for its indelible touch on fast gift card trading and all-around-the-clock customer support. So, as a new gift card trader, you need not worry about getting things wrong on your first trade. Moreover, trading on this platform is so easy that an elementary school kid can run trading successfully. If you are looking to get gift card trading for different subcategories of various gift cards; Cardvest is one good website to look at.


Dissimilar to the other gift card trading platform, Paxful is known for peer-to-peer gift card trading. Paxful is a platform where gift card buyers and sellers can get to meet and perform their transactions with ease. However, when using Paxful, traders should ensure that they use the Escrow service to avoid funds swiping and trade disputes. There are a lot of traders to sell to on Paxful, and not all of them are with pure intentions, so traders should watch out for this and take necessary precautions.


You can trade both physical plastic gift cards and ecodes for naira and crypto with Cardnosh. They trade various gift cards like Steam, Walmart, and Amazon at interesting rates and great speed. They are one of the leading gift card trading platforms in Nigeria as they provide an incredibly fast gift card exchange for most of the popular gift cards.

As earlier stated, different gift card trading platforms are with their peculiarity. Some are good with fast trades, while others are big on best rates, customer service, top security, prompt info, and great user experience. You can have all you need to do your gift card trading successfully with Tacit exchange. They provide you with the best trading experience and all the relevant information you need to know on trading gift cards with tips on safe trading. Sell gift cards for naira instantly with today.


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