Best Gift card trading platform in 2022

Best Gift card trading platform in 2022

Gift card trading platform in 2022: As E-commerce grows by the day, there has been more demand for gift cards and gift card trading services. This has drawn more people to market and more investors to create platforms to help make trading gift cards easy.

As with all internet businesses, gift card trading has its challenges. Several questions have been asked across the web today. For instance, many people ask, are there any good places in Nigeria to sell gift cards? What is the best gift card trading platform? These questions result from a psychological need to know which reliable, trustworthy, and transparent platform. These major factors form the basis of choosing the best gift card trading platform in 2022.

Factors to consider before choosing a Trading Platform



There are reports and reviews on the web today showing how allegedly honest platforms have swindled users of their gift cards and their payments altogether. This has created a level of cautiousness in the hearts of intending traders and those willing to refer others. This shows the decline in trust in online gift card trading platforms.

However, some of these platforms have an untainted record of trustworthiness and have enjoyed their fruits.



To another of the users, trust isn’t their borderline but the rates at which these gift cards are exchanged. It is mostly a sore sight to see users being made to exchange their gift cards at really low rates. It is clear that not all platforms transact at the same rate as there is no direct regulation on prices. However, users will only be willing to trade their gift cards at better rates.

Although there are several reports of some platforms having bad rates, there are others that provide the best rates in the market and are trustworthy.


Payment Speed

Time is one of the essential factors in transactions. Moreover, it displays mutual respect and understanding between the trader and the user. Therefore, a good platform will have a relatively fast payment speed.


Payment Option

This factor gives a clear expression of the flexibility and versatility of the trading platform to make payments in different ways. For instance, some platforms pay their users with bitcoin, process payments in Naira, etc. The best platform, in our opinion, will have a variety of payment options for its users to choose from.



With the various platforms in the market, few have combined these factors and embodied them in their mode of operation and transaction. Eventually, only one is the best – Tacit Exchange. 


Tacit Exchange

Tacit Exchange stands out from its competitors for its focus on speed, ease, and satisfaction. The company’s continuous pursuit of excellence and relative ease of completing transactions are among its distinctive features.

In addition, Tacit Exchange offers some of the most competitive rates for gift cards in Nigeria. Taking a look at the website makes it easy to see just how far the company has come to establish a trustworthy and transparent system. Several enhancements have made Tacit Exchange user-friendly, including a built-in calculator and a quickly-loading site.

Best Gift card trading platform in 2022

Gift card trading platform in 2022

Tacit Exchange’s cutting edge extends beyond the great user interfaces on its website to how they deliver its services. We have conducted several studies regarding the significant problems associated with gift card trading. We have found that customers appreciate the ease of transactions and trading at the best rate. This information led Tacit Exchange to develop an online global rate calculator that continuously updates exchange rates. Due to Tacit Exchange’s use of global exchange rates, you can also take advantage of the best rates available in the country.

We have grown our market by understanding how things work. As a result, our team members can develop strategies that meet the needs of our users. Furthermore, our system is designed to interact with our clients 24/7 with our customer care system. That way, we will better understand their needs and problems. Consequently, we can provide them with solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Tacit Exchange has built an outstanding reputation as Nigeria’s leading gift card company through brand loyalty and superior customer service. Due to our understanding of human behavior and our incentive programs, we are now Nigeria’s leading gift card company. Our goals are making instant payments for every gift card exchange and sending messages that appeal to a person’s emotional attachment to a brand. In addition, our customer service is second to none.

There and many more have made Tacit Exchange stand out among its competitors. As a result, this is the best gift card trading platform in 2022.

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